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Intended as a static mobile ready video theme App where the content is edited to provide the best gaming videos and a single point for those interested since it can be hard to find on youtube.


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Giovanni and COD

Giovanni and COD','My very first gamer dj video - hope you like the track and that you want to share.

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Villa COD Black OPs and Kelly Rowland 'Work'.

I really had a decent finish to this game though when I do watch it back at times I wonder wtf!

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Battlefield 4 WTF.

Poor play in battlefield \n try a new line (\\n) perhaps.

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Seek Bromance on the Battlefield

Inspiration from the first track for the title of this gameplay. There are some half decent shots in this episode and some typically poor play that I didnt get edited out. I put it together in a bit of a rush.

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